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Excavating contractor in West Plains

You have a few hundred square feet of Earth that needs to make way for; a building pad, basement, road or in-ground pool. You could a) grab a shovel and be prepared to spend the next week in excruciating pain or b) call an excavating contractor to make short work of the job for an affordable price. If option "b" sounds more to your liking, call West Plains Landscaping and Smith Excavating in West Plains, MO!

Our skill set includes the right ones

When you think of contractors, images of unshaven, grouchy men may come to mind, and rightfully so. At West Plains Landscaping, we not only have the technical skills to install everything from retaining walls to commercial irrigation systems, but the social skills to ensure that every job we do for you is a delightful experience. Call today!

Respected and protected

We have a proven track record of completing jobs on time, under budget and with minimal hassle. We wouldn't have nearly 20 years in business under our belt if that were not the case! In addition, we are fully insured for everyone's protection. Call today for a quote on installation of a new lawn, construction of a retaining wall, irrigation system or excavation and ground leveling services. 

Make the right call

Mom and Dad always said that "you get what you pay for." Landscaping and excavation services are no different. We can't tell you how many times we've heard horror stories of low-ball bids coming with high-drama antics. At West Plains Landscaping/Smith Excavating, we take tremendous pride in our work, and want every customer to be a customer for life. 
Need dirt work, landscaping, a load of gravel or top soil delivered? Call today!
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